Banking on Trust: The Role of Security

The Era of Cloud Storage

Intouched by the veils of digital transformation for a long time, the physical security domain is gradually entering the realms of digitization and automation. For years together, only the intangible entities of businesses, such as the files and folders residing on a network enjoyed the benefits of technology innovation like user behavior analysis, deep machine learning, and advanced endpoint security protocols. The tables have turned; the attention has now turned to where security should ideally begin—at the physical level. More importantly, the importance of communication between IT and physical security is making it to the top of the agenda for many large enterprises in an effort to ensure their cybersecurity strategies are consistent across the entire network.

Communication will see newer definitions this year, where the market will not stop at identifying the interplay between the digital and the physical worlds but will go a step further and introduce strategic relationships between integrators and end-users. Holistic solutions that handle everything from access control, video surveillance, perimeter intrusion detection, physical security information management, screening and scanning, and the safety and security of devices have already started to make their rounds in the market.

When it comes to the discrete trends in physical security, the need for reliability, scalability, and performance of monitoring devices will witness the rapid acceptance of the cloud for storage and retention purposes. Also, automation of compliance will be hardwired into these security systems to reduce exposure to litigation and brand damage, in cases where device functioning and data loss are questioned.

In all, the year looks bright and full of action items for CISOs and CIOs alike. In this edition of Enterprise Technology Review, we present you a curated list of physical security solution providers along with insights from some of the leaders in the tech world.

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    The Era of Cloud Storage

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