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John Torres, COO, Security and Technology Consulting Practice, and President, Federal Practice, Guidepost SolutionsJohn Torres, COO, Security and Technology Consulting Practice, and President, Federal Practice
In the age where the transmission of information can happen almost instantly, technology is creating new and more efficient means to address the security-related issues faced by companies. This unchecked, hyper-speed information exchange is creating an increase in criminal activities due to unforeseen vulnerabilities in both physical and cyber defenses that can be exploited. In the corporate world, companies transitioning to the cloud desire robust cyber security solutions to secure their information and assets, while the physical access to their offices requires the integration of access control and video surveillance systems, communicating to a centralized security operations center (SOC), actively monitoring, and responding to, security events throughout the company. Guidepost Solutions provides industry expertise and strategic guidance to address critical security, safety, and communication needs, specializing in global investigations, compliance and security, and technology consulting services and solutions for a diverse range of industries.
“We conduct investigations, oversee activities, mitigate risks, and remediate security, safety, and communication concerns in a manner that considers the building environment, staffing, and company procedures and protocols,” explains John Torres, COO of the Security and Technology Consulting (STC) practice and president of the Federal practice at Guidepost Solutions. The company has a global team of experienced security and technology consultants and experts with architecture, technology, engineering, and federal law enforcement backgrounds. Their focus is employing product and technology diagnostic solutions to ensure a client’s security needs are addressed during all phases of work from consultation, to design, through implementation and construction management. The company takes a holistic approach to security coupled with a comprehensive and proprietary risk assessment method to determine each client’s unique needs and challenges to deliver the analysis, information, and guidance necessary for a thorough security risk management plan. “Clients can be certain that Guidepost Solutions evaluates each facility’s capabilities and realistic threat potential to deliver the most cost-effective industry best solutions that meet their security requirements,” states Torres.

Torres illustrates an engagement with a client who employed Guidepost Solutions services after a terrorist incident had occurred at their stadium. The client requested a team with prior experience in federal law enforcement and entertainment venue security to perform an after-action review and determine the security posture of their staff. After an extensive investigation, Guidepost Solutions provided 28 physical and digital security recommendations to improve the existing technology and architecture while also overseeing the implementation of the new security measures. Because of Guidepost Solutions’ swift assessment and proactive project plan, their client resumed event venue operations with a security system better suited to thwart threats and also allowed them to convey a message of safety assurance to the public for future events.

Guidepost Solutions focuses on building quality relationships with clients and is dedicated to exceeding expectations. Torres shares an account of how a large technology company engaged Guidepost Solutions to design their SOC. Torres and his team developed a plan with the client to transition all of their security staff and procedures to a consolidated on-site SOC where all company-wide security operations were managed and deployed from a single location. Driven by the positive experience, Guidepost Solutions remains a trusted partner and continues to collaborate on several other projects with the client.

Guidepost Solutions is currently exploring its options to expand across the U.S. and Latin America while directing its attention toward the healthcare, education, commercial, technology, and justice industries. “We continually evaluate emerging technologies to serve as an established resource for protection, strategic guidance, and leadership for our clients,” concludes Torres.
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John Torres, COO, Security and Technology Consulting Practice, and President, Federal Practice

Guidepost Solutions offers global investigations, compliance, and security and technology consulting solutions

"We conduct investigations, oversee activities, mitigate risks, and diagnose security, safety, and communication concerns proactively rather than just provide solutions"

- John Torres, COO, Security and Technology Consulting Practice, and President, Federal Practice